201303211024471310_1 tvN’s ‘Nine: Nine Time Travels’ and SBS’s ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’ have a few things in common. For one, both dramas are not just simple love stories. They draw viewers in with a heart-wrenching romance that keeps us on the edge of their seats with the characters’ time limitations. The characters in ‘Nine’ and ‘That Winter’ do not have much time. Lee Jin Wook’s character in ‘Nine’ was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was told he has 6 months to live. Though he has the opportunity to change his fate through his 9 chances to time travel, it is still hard to predict which decision he will make. Unfortunately, it took Lee Jin Wook and Cho Yoon Hee’s characters 5 years to finally start dating but they do not have much time. Jo In Sung’s character in ‘That Winter’ was framed and owes 7.8 billion won within 100 days. If he doesn’t pay back the money within the given time, he will face death. For this reason, he imposes as Song Hye Gyo’s character’s brother so that he could pay back the debt but ends up actually falling in love with her. Moreover, the doctors find a brain tumor in Song, limiting the amount of time that the two have together, and bringing tears to the eyes of viewers. Because the time limitation placed on the characters’ relationships are complicated enough, neither dramas have someone interfering in the relationships to create a love triangle/square. More than anything else, both dramas are focusing on the time the characters have left with each other and giving the stories more time to develop. Both couples (Lee Jin Wook-Cho Yoon Hee and Jo In Sung-Song Hye Gyo) have excellent on-screen chemistry which makes the emotions so much more realistic and heartbreaking for viewers. The mysteries weaved in through the dramas that make the ending all the more unpredictable is also worth noting. The mysterious events occurring throughout both ‘Nine’ and ‘That Winter’ have viewers wondering just how both dramas will end. In ‘Nine’ Lee Jin Wook plans to travel through time to figure out the questions surrounding his father’s mysterious death. However, the changes he makes in his travels cause Cho Yoon Hee to disappear and his brother, played by Jun No Min, to come back to life in the present. 

‘That Winter’ is no exception. The characters surrounding Song Hye Gyo’s character are all involved in a huge secret of some sort. For reasons unknown, her late father’s former lover, played by Bae Jong Ok, and fiancée, played by Kim Young Hoon, try to manipulate Song to do whatever they want. Additionally, there are questions as to whether or not Song’s vision loss was really just an accident, not to mention when Jo’s cover will be blown. Each episode so far has come with a twist, making the dramas unpredictable. Excitement and curiosity is growing as viewers weigh in on the truth behind the mysteries and how the answers will affect the relationships between the main characters. Strong storylines, pre-production, and scripts. ‘Nine’ and ‘That Winter’ both also have strong writers who are known for their well-written scripts. [Source: Newsen]