As a new series starts broadcasting, it's always good to prepare every week before the new episodes. Dramafever brings to you every Monday and Tuesday a new K-drama: My Shy Boss. A romantic comedy about a very introverted CEO who gives all the wrong impressions to his employees. 

Eun Hwan Ki, (played by Yeon Woo Jin), manages to get himself in all sort of ridiculous situations, especially after Chae Ro Woon (played by Park Hye Soo) joins the company, who happens to be an actress he deeply admires but with whom he was a very twisted fate. The poor man has no ill intentions but he's always misunderstood.

To prepare for every week's episodes, I'll bring you a guide on how to be successfully awkward based on Hwan Ki's actions, hoping to make you laugh and wait more eagerly for the new episodes. But really, don't follow his example. It looks painful.

Now let's see what our male lead did on the first two episodes.

The First Lesson from Episodes 1 & 2

When you get in an car accident because you were too busy daydreaming about your celebrity crush, there are basic steps to follow after freaking out and making sure you didn't die.

Step 1: When the other person comes to you, hide your face in total panic, locking the door so the other person won't open it. I insist, don't let that person see your face, at all.

Step 2: To calm the beast outside, grab your wallet and hand in all the money you have through the window, but only lower it a liiiiiiitle bit. Enough for paper to get through.

Step 3: This is the most important step so pay attention. You just make a run for it because what could possibly go wrong? You handed the money to cover the damages and now you need to save your own life. What do you mean about formalities?

     What do you do when after running away from the car accident you caused you get followed into your own home? You take a shower because you've sweated your living days. And what do you do if the other person is right there when you get out of the shower?

Step 1: Hold your pose and look for your clothes. Once you've spotted them grab the basics: underwear. No reason to go commando, my friends.

Step 2: Get in the rest of your clothes as fast as you can. In the hurry you might trip and fall, but don't worry, it's part of the process and you'll barely feel the pain with the adrenaline rush. Worry about bruises when you're not being chased.

Step 3: Grab the rest of your clothes and run. You can get them on while you make sure you don't get caught.

    Now, imagine yourself in this situation: You went to give flowers to the actress you admire but she quit and isn't there. But suddenly she's there and looking for you! In panic, you run away to the safest place for any man: the gentlemen's restroom. But what do you do if she follows you in there?

Step 1: Freak out and spit all the water you were drinking to calm down on her face. This will shock her and temporarily bling her, giving you time to think.

Step 2: Run and try to use any of the other men in the restroom to shield you from the actress. 

Step 3: If she's not fazed in her drunk stupor solve it by just locking yourself in the toilet cubicle. There's nowhere safer than that and at some point she has to leave, right?

   When you are shy your family will try to help you, like taking you to the sauna so you get used to other humans and learn to interact. I mean, seeing other people walking around naked… what could it be better to not feel flustered? So when you are getting a deep and thorough exfoliation as both therapy and punishment, what do you do?

Step 1: embrace you destiny. The more you fight it the more horrifying it becomes, so just lie there and take it like a man. Pouting is allowed.

Step 2: complain in your head and imagine yourself saying all the things you wish to say out loud. This will keep your mind busy from feeling the pain of the scrubs.

Step 3: Suffer in silence. It'll be over, don't worry. Either you get all your skin off or the man scrubbing you will need to use the loo. Don't lose faith.

    Now that we know what to do if we ever find ourselves in any of these kind of situations, we can eagerly wait for the new episodes of My Shy Boss this week.


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