Maybe you met your sweetie just recently (maybe even on Valentine's Day!), or maybe you've been a couple forever...either way, there are definitely some rules of the road when it comes to being the cutest couple ever. As far as cute couple traditions go, Korea pretty much runs this, so we rounded up some of Korea's most popular expressions of couples' affections to help you and your boo show the world how much you care, and get you well on the way to becoming the world's cutest couple.

Step 1: The Bling's The Thing

You're already texting your BF or GF nonstop, right? Your phone is like an extension of your relationship. Why not make it official with matching phone charms or phone covers...or, if you're REALLY in love, both? Couples phone accessories are all the rage in Korea, and they're a great first step towards being the most adorable couple around.

There's a wide variety of couples charms, so you can find one that really expresses your love:



charm4    charm5charm2

Step 2: Wearing Is Caring

Once you've outfitted your phones together, the next step is outfitting yourselves. You want everyone on the street to know you're together, and a quick search will tell you about about qínglzhuang, "a trend in China and Korea whereby a couple or lovers will wear matching, nearly identical clothing." What better way to share your love with the world than with matching shirts?

Here are just a few of our favorites:


Now you can't go anywhere without each other!



There's even something for couples who are a little...quirkier...


Step 3: Put A Ring On It

It may seem like a big step, but couples' rings are in! Don't worry, a ring doesn't mean you're engaged, but it does show the world that you're together. Plus, the gift of a couples' ring is a great way to celebrate a meaningful anniversary (especially if your shirts and charms already match)!



Step 4: Play Together, Stay Together

Now that you're fully decked-out in couples gear, you need to share your love with the world! Tweet, Instagram and Facebook yourselves doing your favorite things in your favorite couples-wear. Plus, YouTube is full of videos of talented couples playing music and singing together...why not make one yourselves?

Check out this adorable song Seohyun of SNSD and CNBLUE's Yong Hwa wrote together for the show We Got Married:

Are you and your BF or GF cuter than that? Tell us! What are some things that you two do that make you the cutest couple ever?

(Source: blog.korea.net)