Has watching your favorite dramas made you wish you could learn another language? Well, according to a TED talk by Chris Lonsdale, learning fluent Korean or Japanese to keep up with your favorite shows may not be as hard as you think! Lonsdale, who became fluent in Mandarin over the course of six months, claims that our traditional approach to language learning is all wrong. Instead, he suggests five principles to help anyone learn any language quickly. Here they are:

Principle 1: Focus on language content that is relevant to you.

(from Flower Boy Ramen Shop)

Lonsdale compares language to tools. You learn how to use tools when you need them. The same goes with language. Start with the words that are most essential to you, and suddenly the words will stick because they're important. In other words, start with critical phrases like "Take me to Lee Min Ho!" and move on to less important things like "Where's the bathroom?" a little later.

Principle 2: Use your new language as a tool to communicate from day 1.(from Emergency Couple)

Don't worry about grammar. Don't worry about being right. Start like babies do, stringing together whatever words you know to make meaning. It's even better if you can test out your new language skills on a handsome K-drama lead!

Principle 3: When you first understand the message, you will unconsciously acquire the language.

(from I Need Romance 3)

As you force yourself into conversations, you will gradually recognize more and more words. Comprehension rather than memorization produces long-term language learning.

Principle 4: Physiological training

(from Answer Me 1994)

Different languages use different muscles. Watch how native speakers move their mouths, and then practice doing the same thing. If your face is tired, you're doing it right!

Watch a feisty girl overcome a family curse and fall in love with a rich heir in Bride of the Century.
5. Psycho-physiological state matters!

(from King 2 Hearts)

If you're happy, relaxed, and curious, you'll be more likely to learn the language. Be willing to tolerate ambiguity without getting flustered.

Watch the full TED talk to learn more about these five principles and some steps you can take to put them into action:

Next thing you know, you'll be a Korean-speaking champion!

(from Cheongdamdong Alice)

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