The next time you have a craving for a cheeseburger and some potato chips, why not just make yourself a Pringles cheeseburger?

A man in Japan loves Pringles so much that he decided to make himself some dinner items using just Pringles potato chips. His cheeseburger consists of stacking two Plain Pringles(buns), BBQ(burger), Cheese and Pickle flavors. The thickness of the burger is up to you. You want a double cheeseburger? Grab more of those Pringles!

With the 104 official flavors of Pringles, you can create and eat a wide variety of only Pringles dinners! Granted, a lot of flavors are of our favorite dinner items, but they don't taste like the real thing. As good as they are, cheeseburger flavored Pringles DO NOT taste like a real, flavorful, stacked Pringles cheeseburger.

Cheeseburger - Plain, BBQ, Cheese and Pickles

Pizza - Plain, Cheese, Jalapeño and Salt & Vinegar

Baked Potato - Baked Potato, Cheese, Sour Cream and Salt & Vinegar