You've probably noticed the gradient lip in all the latest Korean dramas, so there's no surprise that it's making its way around the world. This trendy lip gives girls the soft and alluring look without too much maintenance. You can use any lipstick to achieve this look, or you can get a Finding Ferdinand Starter Kit lipstick palette that lets you try more than 65,000 color combinations. 

Here's how to create a gradient lip: 

  • 1. Start with a fully exfoliated lip. Use a toothbrush with warm water to brush away dead skin. 
  • 2. Take any lipstick and apply it ONLY to the center of your lips.
  • 3. Use a lip brush and blend the color outward. You can use your fingers as well to smudge the color out. Apply some lip balm over your lips for an extra gleam.

Enjoy a lighthearted romantic comedy about a lovesick pushover who tries to win over the girl of his dreams with Fool’s Love:

The next time you and your girlfriends are watching a Korean drama together, try out this gradient lip and have fun experimenting with Korean beauty trends! If you want to get serious with your lipstick game, try out Finding Ferdinand for their Starter Kit lipstick palette to help you find your perfect lipstick shades.