Drama Fever is a seemingly incurable epidemic currently making its way around the globe. It is highly contagious, and often severely crippling to its victims' social lives. It is known to set unachievable standards for lovers, increase violent wrist grabbing, and cause extreme headaches based on UCF, or Unresolved Conflict Frustration. After countless years of research, scientists and doctors believe they may have found a solution that could rid previously hopeless victims of the powerful disease:

1. Prepare one serving of boiling kimchi jjigae in a hot stone bowl.

2. Curl up with the coziest blanket you own. Two blankets can be used for severe cases.

3. Place a cool compress over your forehead. Replace every 15 minutes.

4. Take a deep breath, turn on your computer, and prepare to face the threat head-on.

5. Now...wait a minute. This method is flawed. No, it's futile.

Years of research...down the drain.

And we thought we had a chance.

But there never really was one, was there?

Well, if you're already sipping your stew, curled up in fuzzy blankets, and on the DramaFever homepage, might as well give in and start marathoning a new series! There's no fighting the fever. And when it comes down to it, who would want to?

Not me!