If you ever get rear-ended and have a dent in your back bumper, DON'T take your car to the shop! They'll probably just fix your bumper with a hair dryer and charge you 500 dollars. You literally have to see this to believe it!

A dent in your bumper can be fixed with a hairdryer, but two works best. First, wipe whatever dirt that's on the bumper with a cloth. Then, point a hairdryer at the dent, heat on high, and warm the bumper up. Now get a second hairdryer and for ten minutes on high heat, point the two dryers at the spot. Then go back to a single hairdryer for twenty more minutes.

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From behind the dent, use your hands and just push the dent out. As seen in the video, you can just push it right back to normal. And once it cools down, your bumper will be as good as new.