Forget everything you knew about the delicate art of getting that special someone's attention on the dance floor. We have discovered the secret – the combination of right moves to get noticed, while being yourself and having a great time. I know it sounds too good to be true, but this scene has it all. In the end, Dance like no one is watching, sing like nobody is listening and love like you've never been hurt. Right? Follow these moves, and trust me, all eyes will be on you. They'll love it. For more hilarious moments, watch The Donor right here. This 13 episode miniseries tells the story of Bruno Sartori, a wealthy engineer who lives a carefree bachelor life (think any Charlie Sheen character) until one day, he discovers he has 144 children out in the world. All of them thanks to a 'donation' he made during his younger years. You get my drift.