We don't recommend what this man did, but we are compelled to report on how he scored free meals almost every day at the China Eastern Airlines' VIP lounge for first class customers.

Because a first-class air ticket is very expensive, airlines have always treated these customers very well . We already know these customers get the best and most comfortable seats in the plane, but did you know they also can change their itinerary free of charge and have access to the airline's VIP lounge for premium customers? By comparison, an economy ticket for a US flight usually costs at least $150 to change, and we don't even get free peanuts on the plane anymore.

A Chinese man found a way to utilize premium perks by using his first-class ticket to enter the VIP lounge at China Eastern Airlines in Xi'an, Shaanxi province. He enjoyed free food there and then changed his ticket for a another flight at a future date. He did it repeatedly over 300 times, enjoying free food for a full year until his ticket was close to expiring and he cancelled it for a refund.

According to Chinese media, the source of this report came from a blogger's post, but China Eastern Airlines denied it after the news came out. The blogger reportedly stood firm on his claim. I'm wondering what delicacies were served in the lounge that he just had to go back again and again.