We all have our guilty pleasures. Those weekends binge watching our favorite shows and ordering in food as we escape into the world of online video streaming. K-Dramas have steadily been a growing trend worldwide, and it’s especially true for My Love from Another Star. One of the largest beauty trends coming from this show is the character Cheon Song Yi’s lipstick colors. They’re sold out all over the world and selling as much as $100 dollars a tube on Ebay, but her's the secret to getting them for yourself.

Sci-fi meets high fashion in this formulaic romance that millions of fans can’t get enough of. The baby face good looking guy is an alien from another star and he falls in love with a good looking actress. It’s fun to watch because they’re so good looking.

Want the same Cheon Son Yi lipstick colors to play with at home? Mix some Finding Ferdinand colors together and test it out. I did it quite easily when I woke up this morning!

You can re-create her YSL Rosy Coral color number 52 using these Finding Ferdinand colors:

Finding Ferdinand Combo= Classic Coral + Orange Flare + Tequila Sunrise

Tip: Start with Classic Coral and Orange Flare. Add little bits of Tequila Sunrise because it’s a very bright orange and will add a lot of intensity. Adjust it with either high or low intensity to fit your exact preference.

If you like the color, you can submit the combo to us and we’ll create it in a full lipstick tube for you.

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