There is a new way to turn trash to gold. In China, people have discovered they can make money from cockroaches by turning those disgusting bugs into big bucks. Yikes!

Apparently cockroaches are valued for their cheap protein which are sold as ingredients to make Chinese medicine and cosmetics. A roach farmer can start this business cheaply and earn high rewards easily.

How lucrative is this business? According to Wang Fuming, his return is about 700%, meaning he makes 7 yuans for each yuan he invests. While visitors to his roach farm squirm, Wang looks at his roaches fondly. He is the largest roach farmer in China, and therefore probably the largest in the world, and has six farms and about 10 million roaches.

Wang thinks his roaches are beautiful and shiny. He would even eat fried roaches seasoned with salt. The intrepid reporter of LA Times who originated this report politely refused to share the tasty dish.

My question is, would you date a guy who got rich from roaches?