Are you tired of all the price tags on the clothes these K-pop stars always wear? A pair of $1000 shoes here, a $4000 bag there, a few $500 dresses, and a $2000 sweater. If you add these prices up, surprise! It's someone's annual salary. We cannot bother with that, so here's another affordable Kpop clothing post! Everything here is under $53, and they are the actual brands that these stars wore. You can get them right now!

1. f(x): Krystal's polka dot jacket she wore at the airport

Price: $80 $32.04 @ asos so free worldwide shipping

2. Kahi's "RICH" crop top from "It's Me"

Price: $10.80 @ Forever 21

3. 4minute: Gayoon's "Overrated" tank from the airport

Price: $12.80 @Forever 21

4. SHINee: Taemin's tee from a mobile update

Price: $28.48 @asos

5. SNSD: Yuri's broken hearted tee during the rocking out part of "My Oh My"

Price: $52 @topshop

6. f(x): Luna's performance dress during "Rum Pum Pum Pum" promotions

Price: £29.99

Which outfit are you going to run out and buy? Comment below, and make sure to check out the last round-up of affordable Kpop fashion here!

Maria (K-world Style)