Bargain hunting is an art of negotiation, and if you can bargain well in one of the toughest markets, the Beijing market, you are considered a great shopper. Watch a tourist demonstrate how to get a great deal by haggling with a local vendor.

In the store, the shopper wants a shirt that is priced at 450 yuans (about 73 US dollars). The vendor actually offers a great "bargain" price at 290 yuans (about 47 US dollars).

But this shopper doesn't like the price, so the vendor says, "How much do you want?"

He punches in "45" on the calculator, that's about 7.35 US dollars.

She complains that's "no money."

She wants "180", but the shopper says that's a "tourist price."

He punches in "46", then "47" then "49", and finally walks away.

She tries to keep him. He says it's "Tai Gui Le!," which means, "Too expensive!"

She finally says "Give me a friendly price," and he types in "50", about 8.21 US dollars.

She wants to go up to "90" for about 14.77 US dollars.

At this point, it's been about 2 minutes into the bargaining process but they've maintained a cordial conversation. And it continues on as he keeps saying "Tai Gui Le!," while she responds, "Hen Piang Yi," for "Very cheap!"

She then wanted him to buy 2 shirts at a lower rate.

Guess who finally won this numbers game? Eventually the shopper got his shirt at 50 yuans, originally priced at 450.

The biggest lesson here is that you've got to be willing to walk away and have a bottom line in mind.