Park Gyu Ri In MBC drama Nail Shop Paris, KARA’s Park Gyu Ri transforms from singer to actress and then, because she's playing the role of a cross-dresser, from girl to boy. But she's still clearly in touch with her feminine side: the actress’s pink skirt along with pink cheek and lips combo took hold of the photo wall at the press conference. Her make-up artist Lee Eun Kyung (Jung Saem Mool Inspiration) hinted, “In contrast to the boyish style in the drama, [this look] pointed out the sophisticated and clean feminine feeling.” Park Gyu Ri 2 Want to know how to achieve this look? Check out the makeup tips and instructions below! BASE Properly mix together foundation and oil for moisturizing and shiny skin. Base (Photo left) Jung Saem Mool MULE ER Treatment Oil Gives skin a moisturizing feel. (Right) Jung Saem Mool MULE Artist Natural Foundcealer Foundation naturally covers up skin’s flaws. EYES Use eyeliner to make the eyes slant downwards for round eyes. Apply soft pearl beige-brown tone eye shadow for beautiful eyes. Use mascara on the eyelashes’ very root to finish, applying it again at the center of the eyelashes for more volume. eye (Left) Jung Saem Mool MULE Artist Angle Blush             Edge Eyeliner             Eyeliner that emphasizes clear eyes with agile brush. (Middle) Luna Sol Single Shadow Light Beige                Like fine silk powder that lasts long, pearl beige-tone eye shadow. (Right) Maybelline The Magnum Volume Express                Turbo Booster Waterproof Mascara             Long lash waterproof mascara that neatly organizes eyelashes. CHEEK & HIGHLIGHT After going over the cheekbones in circles with the blusher, finish off with a soft pearl-based powder along the T-zone and C-zone lightly. cheek (Left) Jung Saem Mool MULE Designer Pact 2 No. 3 Blusher/Clear Pact defining facial contours. (Right) Jung Saem Mool MULE Finger Fixing Powder            Neatly refined powder presenting glittery glossy skin. LIP Apply widely on the lip with nude-beige tone. Put on azalea light pink lipstick from inside to outside as if color-dying, to create a stylish feel on the lips. lip Jung Saem Mool MULE Sparkling Star Palette           Nude Beige + Splendid Pink           Long lasting clear colors beige & azalea color lipstick. Now that's stylish! Time to doll up! (source: naver news, woman donga news)