With food art becoming such a trend in the world today, wouldn't it be nice to learn how to make some, to surprise family and friends at your next dinner party? Some pieces of food art are very detailed and elaborate, obviously achieved through hard work and dedication. But simple food art, like a cute boiled egg family of rooster mama and her chicks, is quite simple, and with these step by step instructions complete with photos, you'll be on you way of becoming a legitimate food artist!

Now this food art looks like something even I could do. All that's needed are six boiled eggs, seaweed, a carrot, a red pepper, knife, toothpick, hole puncher (not absolutely necessary, but makes things easier), and a carving knife. Then, just do like the photos below, and you will have made the cutest hard boiled eggs you've ever made in you life.


1. Cut ridges into the boiled eggs (carrot should be boiled and ready as well)

2. Like so 

3. Punch holes in the seaweed


4. Carve the carrot, like a crescent moon


5. Pasting time

6. Red pepper for the rooster's crest

7. Voilà!