The hottest beauty trend this summer is the orange lip. Ditch your go to nude or pale pink for a brighter more vibrant orange shade. We show you how to go bold with it, what makeup to pair it with, and how to find the perfect shade for your skin. Whether you want to go all-out neon or are searching for that perfect subtly orange tone, we can help you pull of this exciting new trend.

1. Go Bold

At the moment, the brighter and more vibrant the lipstick shade, the trendier it is. You don't have to go full on neon, although we encourage that too, but something bright and vibrant looks gorgeous when paired with the right makeup. Go for a dark lined upper lid and loose, simple hair. Jeon Ji Hyun plays off an orange lip perfectly in the K-drama My Love From Another Star. It's vibrant and juicy but avoids the garish, clown look that comes with a heavy hand when applying such bright color to the lips. You need to be confidant to pull off this look. Own it and people will notice.

We suggest Laneige's Serum Intense Lipstick in Neon Orange

2. Know How To Pick The Right Shade

No two orange lipsticks are made alike. You know how when you were a child and opened up a big box of coloring crayons, there were thirty different shades of red? Some were pink reds, some were true red, and some were more on the orange side? Lipstick is no different. If a full-on neon lipstick doesn't suit your skin tone (such as those with very fair skin), try looking for a red with strong orange undertones or a coral pink bordering on the orange side. Song Hye Gyo shows us how paler skin can pull off a red with orange tones. It's a softer yet glamorous look. 

To pull off her look we suggest Laneige's Serum Intense Lipstick in Luminous Red.  

3. Pair with Neutral Makeup

Orange is a statement color. If you're going to make a statement with your lip color, why pull focus away from it with overdone makeup everywhere else? If you really want to make that stunning statement with your lips, go for a barely there, minimal look. Gong Hyo Jin shows us in the K-drama It's Okay, That's Love how to still look absolutely stunning and pulled together while wearing very little makeup. A light hand everywhere else draws all the attention to the lips, which we are happy to look at with this extremely flattering shade of orange. 

To get this look we suggest Armani's Lip Maestro in 300

4. Paired With Shimmering Eye Shadow

This absolutely dazzling look can be achieved with any shade of orange lipstick, but we think the lighter and brighter the better. Try to stay away from the high gloss lipsticks and stick with either a matte or a light serum-based lipstick. It will keep the look from being way too much. Take a wide brush and sweep this beautiful gold shade across the whole eyelid. Again no need to put too many layers of the eyeshadow on. 

For the lips try Face Stockholm Lipstick in Sunflower Matte Formula

For eyes try out 3 Concept Eye's One Color Shadow in Go Light

5. Make Your Skin Glow

One drawback to orange lipstick is that it can draw attention to redness and blemishes in the skin. One of the key ingredients to being able to bull off the orange lip is to find the perfect light-to-medium foundation that gives you that beautiful, naturally perfect looking skin. Yoon Eun Hye shows off her perfect dewy skin with not a blemish in sight. Despite her noticeably orange lips, no blemishes or imperfections are apparent. She achieves her look by using a BB Cushion, a product that doesn't feel heavy at all on the skin but offers a great level of coverage. You will never feel that your makeup is caked on with a BB cushion. 

We love innisfree's Mineral Melting BB Cushion

6. Subtly Orange

Not everyone wants to go bold with their lip color. In some cases, having makeup that draws attention to itself is not appropriate in your work environment. Have no fear, for you can still pull off this hot trend. Clara showcases this more subtle look in her K-drama Emergency Couple. Go for a stain or a peach shade with a shimmer. Orange lips in the peach family can look surprisingly natural and give that youthful glow. Paired with barely there make up and dewy skin, Clara looks pulled together and trendy but still subtle. 

If this look is more for you try M.A.C's Amplified Creme Lipstick in Morange 

How do you plan to wear the orange lip trend this summer?

See this lipstick trend in action in Divorce Lawyer in Love, a romantic comedy about a bitter office rivalry that blossoms into romance: