Since we are in the winter months and it gets cold outside, it's easy to get lonely and bored, but don't worry, China's biggest online retailer, Taobao, has just the answer. The Internet retailer, who is the Chinese equivalent of Amazon or eBay, has a "Rent a Boyfriend" section on their website.

When you type in 'boyfriend' in the search, you get over 300 results and the prices range from 300 yuan a day ($49.5 USD) to 8.80 yuan ($1.45 USD), but it's not specified if the last price is per hour. We hope so, otherwise a dollar to hang out with a guy seems a bit low, unless he only does magic tricks the whole time.

The two busiest days for the site tends to be Single's Day and Chinese New Year, and the site works in a similar way to purchasing anything online. Once you pick a "boyfriend," you can scroll through his profile and see if he has any additional costs, like if you want him to drink or dress up in a specific way. Much like any online product, you can also read reviews of the "boyfriend" and see how other girls rated their date. Below is the step-by-step process of renting a "boyfriend" on the site.

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Would you be willing to give renting a boyfriend a go?