Are you learning Korean? If you are, you'll need to know how to speak politely (and not only casually with friends).

Check out the video lesson here, and use this post as a written review as well.

First, let's talk about when it's okay to speak casually.

It's okay, and preferred to speak casually (i.e. "반말" - "casual speech") when

  1. Talking to a close friend who is the same age as you or younger
  2. With a boyfriend or girlfriend
  3. To small children
  4. To family members
  5. To animals
  6. When given permission

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For all other situations, you'll need to use polite Korean.

Speaking polite Korean (i.e. "존댓말" - "polite speech") includes doing the following:

  1. Use 저 instead of 나
  2. Avoid slang and abbreviations
  3. Use particles and markers when appropriate
  4. Use polite forms of particles
  5. Use the 요 form, or 니다 form
Each of these are covered in the video lesson too, in much more detail.

Being polite in Korean, when in the right situations, will earn you respect from others, and show Koreans that you appreciate and truly understand their culture.

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