With her finals due the next morning, this Chinese college student is using an innovative method that's cheap and does not involve drugs to keep herself awake while studying for her tests.

She pinned up separate strands of her hair to a clothes-drying hanger. Whenever she nods off, her hair is pulled, and she feels the pain and wakes up. At least, that's how it's supposed to work.

She was probably inspired by a staying-awake method that was mentioned in a famous story from way back in ancient China. Back when ancient Chinese men wore fashionably long hair, a very diligent scholar named Sun Jing was determined to study well to distinguish himself. He would tie his long hair with a rope to the roof beam so that his hair would pull and keep him awake whenever he dozed off while reading at night.

We sincerely hope the pain is worth it and that she did well on the tests.