We've told you what  Ji Chang Wook looks for in a girlfriend, but the handsome leading man also wants someone who can really communicate with him. How does an aspiring girlfriend get in tune with The K2 action star's wavelength? The answer may lie with understanding how he thinks!

Ji Chang Wook is nicknamed "Three-year-old Ji" in China because he is full of laughs and likes to make fun. Is that really how the handsome leading man really is behind the scenes?

He rose to fame in China with  Empress Ki, and has gained further popularity not just for Healer but also for his Chinese drama Whirlwind Girl 2. From a recent interview he did in China, we learned something new that fans everywhere will definitely want to pay attention to.

According to Ji Chang Wook, contrary to his childish image, he actually thinks about things very thoroughly, in a similar manner to how a philosopher would consider and ponder about all subjects.

Does that mean he overthinks or thinks in very complicated pattern?

No, he just means he isn't simple-minded.

In other words, the hottie wants us to know he is "mature and thoughtful" in real life. 

An example is what he thinks about action scenes that require him to hit other people.

He says he doesn't really like to hurt people, and he would rather be hit than to be the one who hits and inflicts harm. As a result, he feels bad and always apologizes to the other actors after filming the action scenes.

He probably has to make a lot of extra apologies for the high-octane fight scenes in The K2. We fangirls would especially like to say a big THANK YOU for episode 4's nude fights in the steamy men's shower!

Do you think like the philosopher Ji Chang Wook?

New action and mystery thriller  The K2 is on air. Let's not keep Ji Chang Wook waiting!

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