The Internet has made it possible to learn and see so many things that you would never know otherwise. And now, through the genius of do-it-yourself magic, comes an invention that is as simple as it is mind-blowing: a perfectly constructed wallet made from a Starbucks bag.

The ingenious idea that was created by Taiwanese advertising designer Mr. Zhou works on many levels. It helps save you money on buying costly wallets, preserves waste by recycling Starbucks bags, and is incredibly handy.

Below is a step-by-step guide to creating the Starbucks wallet, and before you start, make sure you have a Starbucks bag, double-sided tape, and a crafting knife.

1) Lay out the Starbucks bag and remove the handles as carefully as you can.

2) Lay the bag flat, and there should be five major creases. Make sure to cut along all those lines.

3) Use one of the larger bag pieces that you have and measure a large format piece of currency against it. It doesn't necessarily have to be money, but this step is important in determining the height of the wallet. Then fold the Starbucks bag over the money or measuring object.

4) Then take the fold from step #3 to make three equivalent parts. Whatever side is at the top will become the outside of your wallet.

5) There should be a flap that you created in step #4. Use that to fold in the sides to form the outer edges of the wallet.

6) Take out the knife again and make an incision on the borders which are folded.

7) Now lay out the whole piece and make sure the borders are properly folded.

8) Once again fold the top flap, this time with all the folded borders.

9) The bottom part then gets folded over, and all of the borders should be facing out.

10) Here is where you use the double-sided tape on the outward-facing borders.

11) Peel the paper layer off the tape and then fold the borders back into the wallet. Then seal the wallet shut.

12) Apply one more fold horizontally, and you should see the makings of a cool wallet!

13) Now for extra credit, here's how you make slots to hold your cards. Take a separate piece of the bag and place a piece of the double-sided tape at the bottom.

14) Use a standard credit or gift card as a guide at the bottom, but make sure that the fold up isn't bigger than the card itself.

15) Now fold in the extra space flush against the card.

16) Fold the top piece down to match the vertical length of the wallet. Whatever space is left over at the bottom, fold up.

17) Find that extra space and fit it in the bottom of the wallet so it's hiding.

It should look something like this!

18) Again go get a separate piece of the bag and use the steps from #13 and #14.

19) Using similar moves from step #6, make a cut on the crease and fold the sides in.

20) Now complete this cardholder using steps 8-11 from above.

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21) Now the card holder is ready to join the other holder by placing it behind it in the first space.

22) For the additional card holder, repeat steps 18-20.

23) Put the finished third card holder in the top slot behind the other two cards. You can anchor these holders in using the tape.

And feel free to repeat these steps as much as you like depending on how many slots you want.

Bam! It's a fully functioning wallet!

Who knew?

If you're worried about water damage and wear and tear, you can laminate the bag before you begin to assemble the wallet.

And here's another way to do it!