20130123_cheongdamdong Wearing a jacket doesn't seem to fly in this fashion-centered world anymore. Top fashionistas these days, at least in the Korean entertainment world, prefer to place their jackets on their shoulders rather than fully wearing it with both arms in and all. This particular way of styling your jacket helps maintain the initial design of the outfit without crushing the fabric, and it brings out the luxuriousness of the look. The point of this style is to be comfortable while still looking sophisticated. So Yi Hyun from Cheongdamdong Alice enjoys this look, as she frequently styles her Cheongdamdong-wife fashion with a throw-on coat. For her, the jacket acts as the cherry-on-top accent to her modernistic, put-together look. 20130123_throwonjacket This particular styling is also used by various celebrities such as Jun Ji Hyun, who presented the throw-on-coat look on January 7th at a press conference for the upcoming movie, Berlin. While keeping her outfit simple with a monotone, all-black outfit, Jun Ji Hyun gave a little accent to her waist with a thick belt to bring out her slim-waist from the oversized dress. Actresses such as Han Chae Young and Jung Ryeo Won, who are also known for being fashionable on screen as well as in real life, also went for the throw-on-coat look when they attended Um Tae Woong and Yoon Hye Jin's wedding. So dust off the over-sized coat that has been hiding away in the back of your closet this winter and try out the throw-on-coat style! With the right style, you can become a fashionista yourself. What are your thoughts about this casual yet sophisticated look? (Source: http://www.newsen.com)