Are you watching My Love From Another Star? It's one of the best dramas we've seen in a long time, so if you've been following along every week, you know that it all concludes this week. We asked around the DramaFever office and found three fans willing to predict how it's all going to go down.

NANCY: My Love From Another Star has simply captivated everyone with its superb and artistic production and, most importantly, the story has intrigued us with a perfect blend of romance and suspense. Right from the start, we are told Do Min Joon is from a faraway star and he will leave Earth sooner or later. To patiently wait for his return to his home star, Do has had to steel his heart after he saw the girl he cared for die in his arms. He never expected his heart will open again for love, especially when he is finally about to leave.

At this point, I have to trust the scriptwriter, even if it is a sad ending. However, this writer has been exceptional in her weaving of this fascinating story. When we compare Do Min Joon's life with his favorite children's story, "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane," I believe there are hints for a happy ending. Edward Tulane was a toy rabbit that had to endure a long journey of suffering and losses before he understood true love by first opening his own heart.

Once, there was a rabbit who loved a little girl and watched her die.

The rabbit danced on the streets of Memphis. His head was broken open in a diner and was put together again by a doll mender.

And the rabbit swore that he would not make the mistake of loving again.

Once there was a rabbit who danced in a garden in springtime with the daughter of the woman who had loved him at the beginning of his journey. The girl swung the rabbit as she danced in circles. Sometimes, they went so fast, the two of them, that it seemed as if they were flying. Sometimes, it seemed as if they both had wings.

Once, oh marvelous once, there was a rabbit who found his way home. The question is, where is his home? Is home where you are born or where you fall in love? Is it possible that Do Min Joon's final home is where his heart is? If he cannot stay on Earth, then perhaps, for them to be physically together on the same timeline, they will fuse into one being that will be free to roam the stars. I would consider that a happy ending.

AILEEN: I think one of two things will happen.

A, Do Min Joon will just miss his spaceship back to his planet and die on earth as a symbol of his devotion to Cheon Song Yi. He entrusts her to Lee Hee Kyung, who will comfort her until she learns to love him (I mean, it's just a matter of time--the guy is pretty much perfect!). Yoon Se Mi will come to terms with her love as well, and become a successful actress on her own. Jae Kyung goes to prison, and the truths are all revealed and Song Yi gets her career back, better than ever.

Or B, Do Min Joon stays through his departure date, but he doesn't die! No, instead it is revealed his powers have been slowly weakening due to Cheon Song Yi and "true love's kiss!" Ok, sorry to get all Disney, but wouldn't that be cute? Then, his powers slowly disappear and tadaaaa! Do Min Joon is now good 'ol homo sapien. He and Cheon Song Yi move in officially together, get married, and grow old and have seven kids. Meanwhile, Lee Hee Kyung learns to accept Yoon Se Mi, and she quits acting to travel the world with him. Jae Kyung goes to prison, and all is right in the world.

Ah, I hope it's you choice B!

JACKIE: I'm quite torn on what would happen at the end of 'My Love From Another Star'. On one hand I really want him to go back to his star and follow the "rules" set by the drama. However, I want him to be with Song Yi because the both of them are the cutest couple ever! So what I'm really hoping is that he will go away to his star, and then find a way to come back by his 100th day anniversary with Song Yi. My mom's prediction is that he's going to ask his grandmother for help. For the first time we heard him mention his grandmother, who must be all powerful. So maybe he'll end up being the son of a super important chief of his star, and Chief Grandma will realize he loves Song Yi so much she will give him his own personal spaceship to go back and live as a human. That way he doesn't have to wait another 400 years or so to get his star on the right orbit with Earth.

I think my mom is going to be right.

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