The drama adaptation of Cheese in the Trap received a lot of love in the beginning, but it was met with controversy towards the end of its run. Staying true to all the skepticism and hesitation adaptations are met with, the film version has also been met with its own set of criticisms. The first issue people have commented on is the casting choice of actors in their 30s for characters who are supposed to be young college students. Now, what of the storyline, which was one of the main issues that plagued the drama? The production company behind the movie has shed light on this matter.

“The movie version’s script has been completed early. It would be difficult to say that it contains the original’s full story,” the movie’s production company, Mountain Movement Story, revealed in a statement. “The original writer Soonkki supported the whole project as an adviser. Although the film will not stray from the original framework of the webtoon, it will be a completely different take on 'Cheese in the Trap’ than the drama version.”

Quite a few people were not happy with the drama’s storyline. One of those people was the original webtoon writer Soonkki. “I wanted the drama to have an entirely different feel from the comics because they are built on different types of media. However, the actual drama failed in doing so, being hailed as ‘true to the original,’” she said in February 2016. “They never contacted me, so I had no idea that they were going to film the drama to exactly follow the comics.” At least with the movie, it’s being explicitly stated that it will be different.

Other than respectfully heeding to the wishes of the story’s original creator, hopefully the film can also keep the focus on the lead character Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin), instead of suddenly changing focus to the second lead Baek In Ho (Seo Kang Joon) towards the end, like it did in the drama. Many viewers voiced their concern about the unorthodox change of concentration.

With the film sounding like it’ll be a new interpretation of the popular webtoon, how are you hoping the film’s storyline will play out? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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