All eyes were on top Chinese leading man Hu Ge after he won huge acclaim for Nirvana in Fire, the martial-arts historical romance that is still praised as one of the best dramas from China. Which role would he pick next? Would he join the sequel to Nirvana in Fire? Ultimately he decided on Game of Hunting, a modern story about the rise of a headhunter in the cutthroat business world  Among the ensemble cast are premier Chinese actors. You may even recognize them from recent dramas. Let's take a look!

1. Hu Ge - as Zheng Qiu Dong, who goes through many harsh stumbles and dramatic ups and downs as he struggles to succeed in the fiercely competitive business world. Along the way, he'll meet friends and foes, and even romances. Will he succeed? Who will be on his side when he finally rises as a top headhunter? What does it take to succeed in modern China?

2. Chen Long - as Lin Bai, who is a friend and mentor, but also competitor, to our protagonist. He previously played Commander Meng Zhi of the Imperial Guards in Nirvana in Fire. You can also find him in Old to Joy 2.

3. Li Qiang - as Yuan Kun, in a villainous role. But, is he truly a villain or just a deceitful business rival who would do anything to win? Do you recognize the veteran actor from The King's Woman, where he was a cunning businessman?

4. Sun Honglei - as Liu Liang Ti, who helps Zheng Qiu Dong learn more about life and how to get back on his feet. You can also catch the versatile actor in To Be A Better Man.

5. Zu Feng - as Bai Li Qin, an old college friend to Zheng Qiu Dong. The two men would fall in love with the same woman. The strong character actor has gone through some personal struggles to finally gain fame within the last decade. You can find him in the famous dramas Ode to Joy and All Quiet in Peking.

6. Hu Bing - as Chen Xiu Feng, a financial wiz. The handsome actor is quite a chameleon in his many roles. Can you recognize him as the Fire King in the epic fantasy romance Ice Fantasy.? You can also find him in Princess Agents.

Although Game of Hunting is a thrilling mystery drama that takes place in a business world, there are also heart-touching romances. Three important women in Zheng Qiu Dong's life are played by three strong actresses. 

7. Jian Ren Zi - as Luo Yi Ren. She is a rising actress who debuted in 2013, and gained fame in My Sunshine and The Condor Heros (2014 version).

8. Wan Qian - as Xiong Qing Chun. The popular actress is praised for choosing diverse characters to play so that she is not typecast. You can find her in To Be A Better Man

9. Zhang Ling Zhi - as Jia Yi Mei. The beautiful actress from Love Me If You Dare enjoyed a true-life romance when she married co-star Chen Long after they met on the set of the movie The Great River Crossing.

Hu Ge has said that the role of Zheng Qiu Dong in Game of Hunting is his most difficult and favorite to date. The brand new drama will start its simulcast on DramaFever on November 10. 

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Game of Hunting - 猎场

Starring Hu Ge and Zu Feng

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