Come October, visitors to Seoul will be welcomed by a new landmark, one exactly like the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California. 

With an estimated cost of one billion won, or about 881,130 US dollars, the new sign is planned to be built in Mapo, right along the riverside expressway from Incheon Airport that leads into Seoul. Standing at 15 meters (49 feet) and covering 100 meters (328 feet), the structure will be a bit taller than the Hollywood Sign. Receiving backlash for the decision to build a landmark that was such an obvious copy of one that already exists, in another country, no less, the government responded with this: "here were suggestions to create a different structure like the 'Haechi' or mythical animal representing Seoul's cultural heritage and tradition, but we decided to go with the English sign due to uncertainties over which symbol people would agree on."

That totally makes sense, but a little bit of creativity and originality would be nice, especially when building a landmark that's going to represent all that your city and your culture is. Travelers flock to Korea for a reason — because it's Korea. If they wanted Hollywood, they would fly to L.A. No reason to build one in Seoul.


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