When you hear about Michelin-starred restaurants, what usually comes to mind are impossible-to-get reservations and astronomical prices. Fortunately, that's not always the case. Just recently, a street stall vendor in Singapore was presented with the highly-coveted award, making his popular dishes the cheapest Michelin meals in the world.

Even before the announcement that brought Chan Hon Meng international attention for being the only street stall vendor in the world with a Michelin star, customers would often wait up to three hours in line to taste his chicken and noodles. Having grown up in a farm in Ipoh, Malaysia, Chef Chan was always surrounded by natural foods, which is something he still considers to be an integral part of his cooking. When he was 15, he quit school to help his family with food preparation, and soon after, went straight to work in the food industry, hoping to one day become a chef. After moving to Singapore in the 1980s, and honing is craft as an apprentice for a Hong Kong chef, Chan finally was able to open his own street stall, Hong Kong Soya Sauce Noodle, in 2009. 

Starting from 1.50 dollars a plate, his mouth-watering dishes are all typical street vendor prices, and Chef Chan has absolutely no plans to charge more now that he is a Michelin-starred chef. He values his customers more than any short-term profit, which is music to the ears of all of his loyal diners. Everyday, Chef Chan starts work right at the crack of dawn, preparing his chicken and pork for five hours before opening at 10 AM. He works over 100 hours a week, selling 150 chickens a day. Unlike most street vendors, he wears a white chef's uniform every single day, because in his mind, he's a dedicated chef. And now, after years of hard work, the Michelin Guide has awarded him the highest accolade any chef can receive.

Congratulations to Chef Chan Hon Meng! If you're ever in Singapore, his stall is located at Chinatown Food Complex, Blk 335 Smith Street #02-126.  

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