An alliance of ten organizations supporting civil rights and same sex marriage in Taiwan sponsored a unique event on March 16. On that day, over a hundred couples kissed in front the legislature's building in support of the theme 'ME = Kiss Marriage Equality.'

The sight of many same-sex couples kissing in public is quite extraordinary, even for Taipei, the capital of one of the most liberal places in Asia. Recent legislative attempts to approve same-sex marriages were stalled upon strong and vocal opposition from Taiwan's Christian community. As a result, the gay community and allies are becoming more assertive in calling for nondiscrimination of sexual orientation, as well as fair treatment and equal rights.

Many heterosexual couples also participated in the event to support same-sex couples. We previously reported that Taiwan's pop diva, A-Mei, held a free concert to support same-sex marriage and told attendees that 'love is the only ticket needed' to enter.

Only 25% of Taiwan's Christians approve of same-sex marriage. However, the polls show that the majority of Taiwan's population either support or has no opinion regarding the issue, and other non-Christian religions traditionally do not interfere with political decision making.