This story is almost too sad to report, but we're compelled to share the touching moment captured by these photos to pay tribute to true love. On a cold winter night in China, a woman stumbled and never woke up again. What her husband did next has touched even the most chilled hearts.

In the evening of December 17, the weather was cold but not exceedingly so, but passerby at a street in the city of Shenyang were about to witness an extraordinary incident.

An elderly woman suddenly collapsed on the street. People around her tried to help, but she fell into unconsciousness and never woke up again. Police searched through her belongings and found a phone number that reached her son-in-law. The son-in-law came and confirmed it was indeed his mother-in-law, named Song. He immediately called his father-in-law.

The husband arrived within 10 minutes. His face showed sadness and shock. He walked around her body, then kneeled down to button up each of the buttons that helpers had unbuttoned to administer CPR. Then, he unbuttoned his own coat, sat down on the ground, and hugged her in his arms.

He cradled her like a baby for the next 2 hours. As time passed by and the old man refused to let go of his wife's body, bystanders grew concerned for his well-being. When he resolutely refused to get up, people placed cardboard underneath him and gave him a pair of gloves to help shield him a little from the cold night. 

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As workers for a mortuary service came to pick up the body, he finally called his son to say he wanted to take his wife to their home village in Fushan to be buried. Another hour went by until his son drove up in a car. The old man finally let go and allowed the son to place the body inside the car. He murmured to himself: “I didn't want you to go out today, yet you insisted. Why did it have to be today that you left?”

After they left, bystanders who had stood and watched the sorrow unfold continued to feel so touched that they also felt rooted to the ground. Many could not contain their tears and said how touched they were, including this comment: “Too touching, for a husband and wife to be like this in their lives is something no money or wealth can buy.”

Indeed, true love is rare and precious. The couple lived an ordinary life, but it was clear that the love they shared was extraordinary. We don't know the details of their journey in life, but we mortals would consider it lucky to find a true love and to grow old together.

May the old lady rest in peace and know that her husband will continue to hold her dear to his heart until they meet again.