Hwang Jung Eum is a fangirl of Descendants of the Sun too!

During the press conference for her new romantic comedy Lucky Romance, the newlywed actress explained that DOTS was part of the reason she decided to get back to work shortly after her winter wedding. "Marriage is marriage, and work is work. I wanted to quickly make a comeback, so I was searching for work. I really wanted to do romance. At the time, I was so into Descendants of the Sun that it made me want to act."

It seems she had many rom-coms to choose from. The 31 year-old actress was cast in the leading role of Shim Bo Nui not long after her February nuptials. "I am thankful that I've been given the lead female role even after marriage but also grateful that I received many offers for 'roco' (romantic comedy). I ended up choosing the best one out of all the offers."

I wonder if her new hubby was a little jealous with her watching all those sexy soldiers on-screen. Of course, stars Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo made the whole world start crushing on them too. Hwang proves that celebrities are just like the rest of us. Her fans are probably rooting for the new series to be just as successful as DOTS. Lucky Romance, with co-star actor Ryu Joon Yul, premiered on MBC yesterday.

Do you think Lucky Romance could surpass Descendants of the Sun's stellar ratings?


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