How cute! This duo never fails to surprise us with their bromance. Park Bo Gum sent a food truck to Song Joong Ki's Battleship Island filming site. Park Bo Gum wanted to cheer up Song Joong Ki, and we bet Song Joong Ki was happy to see the food truck sent by his favorite dongsaeng!

The truck was filled with Korean street foods like dumplings, dubokki, and soondae, and healthy fruits and vegetable smoothies! The Descendants of the Sun star is currently filming Battleship Island with So Ji Sub and Hwang Jung Min.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Song Joong Ki shared at Seoul Drama Awards that he'd love to act with Park Bo Gum as brothers or rivals between a woman. (Read more about Song Joong Ki’s Seoul Drama Awards interview)

What do you think of Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki's friendship? Bromance? Tell us in the comments below!

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