Hwang Bo has never wanted or had plastic surgery!

During a recent appearance on Ji Suk Jin's Two O'Clock Date radio show, the singer/actress sat down with her old friend and talked about her natural beauty. The DJ opened the conversation by stating that he knew Hwang Bo since her Chakra days, and she responded with "That's right, there are many things I would like to personally talk about." When it came to beauty, she cut right to the chase. "Ji Suk Jin introduced me as 100% natural." The Running Man star kept things lighthearted by teasing her, "Do you currently have any thoughts on getting plastic surgery? Aren't you tired?" 

The 36-year-old beauty is not only a singer and actress, she's a businesswoman too! Hwang Bo owns a restaurant, online apparel shop and a cafe/pub. Ji Suk Jin asked if her cafe was still open, and she assured his listeners that business was booming. "Yes, it's located in Sangsu Station. Celebrities have been going in and out constantly, with the exception of Michael Jackson."

Since her friend's show comes on every day at 2PM [KST], I wonder if fans will hear more from her in the coming months, although she may not have much free time, because her schedule is jam-packed with her businesses and extensive charity work. Being busy obviously keeps you beautiful.

In light of her comment, is Hwang Bo setting beauty goals for you this year? 


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