Incarnation of Money has received high praise for its star Hwang Jung Eum in the role of Bok Jae In, a former obese woman who undergoes full-body plastic surgery (what is it about plastic surgery this week?  During an early episode, the actress had to layer her face with silicon to increase the pudge for the character.  Despite the less attractive makeover, Hwang didn't worry in the least, stating instead, "I'm not afraid of looking ugly. Personally, I'm more at ease with a light character than a serious one." c380a5799d72c4e7b24fc5a6e8b59d011350694944_full Earlier in her transition from singer to actress, Hwang faced harsh criticism which she quickly learned to take in stride.  "Through thick and thin, I tried very hard. Harsh online comments about my poor acting skills pushed me to practice harder," she said. "I think there is still a long way to go before I can confidently call myself an actress, but I'm sure I'm on my way there." Girl, we'll say it for you: You sure are! Hwang-Jung-Eum-incarnation-of-money copy What do you think of the transformation? (Source: