As revealed in a recent Gallup Korea poll, one of Korea's most critically acclaimed actors, Hwang Jung Min, has been acknowledged for his dramatic performances by the Korean public, who named him "Actor of the Year" for 2016. 

Hwang Jung Min started his career in musical theater in 1995, always with the goal in mind to break into film. After appearing in the hit movie Waikiki Brothers in 2001, offers for prominent roles started rolling in. He won Best Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for his performance in You Are My Sunshine, which many say is the film that truly made Hwang a star in Korean cinema. Since then, he's starred in multiple films, such as The Unjust, Bloody TieDancing QueenPrivate Eye, New World, Ode to My Father, and many more. Even while making films, however, Hwang has returned to the theater both as an actor and director, where he has received rave reviews for his performances by critics. For 2016, Hwang Jung Min was in A Violent Prosecutor, The Wailing, and Asura: The City of Madness. The first release of the year, A Violent Prosecutor, was Korea's highest-grossing film of 2016. So when moviegoers were recently polled who they thought was the most outstanding actor this past year, it's not surprising who they picked.

The Gallup Korea poll was conducted over a three week period, from November 4 until the 25, with 1700 nationwide participants older than the age of 13. 21.2% of those surveyed selected Hwang Jung Min as the best actor of 2016, while 18.4% thought Song Kang Ho was better. Gong Yoo came in third with 12.7% of the vote, while Ha Jung Woo received 11.4%. Hwang may have come out on top, but there's really no way anyone can prove he's better than the other stars, who also made an impact in 2016. All actors named in the poll are the best at what they do, and at the end of the day, it's all about the personal preferences of all those who voted.

That being said, congratulations to Hwang Jung Min, chosen by the people of Korea as Actor of the Year for 2016.


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