How many $10k+ Hermès Bags does Hwang Shin Hae (My Happy Home) have?

hwang shin hye hermes

Hwang Shin Hye is showing endless love for Hermès bags. Hermès bags are known as the ‘it bag’ beloved by many celebrities like Han Ga In (Bad Guy), Son Ye Jin (Personal Taste), Song Hye Kyo. Known as the most expensive designer bag, Hermès, goes over $10k. Crocodile skinned bags can run over $30k. Hwang Shin Hae seems to have the bags in every color possible. She posted up these pictures on her cyworld. I wonder if Hwang Shin Hae's characters in dramas have any Hermès bags? If she did, did she get to keep them? What do you think, is it too much? I say if she can afford, then why not flaunt it! I would. Watch Hwang Shin Hye on DramaFever! Source: Naver