It’s often easy to overlook the beauty of nature when we’re constantly surrounded by technological advancements, moreso for celebrities who are always in the glitz and glam of the spotlight.  Soloist Hwanhee recently revealed that he became one with nature while filming for his movie ‘Star‘ in Japan.  He revealed, “I stayed at an island for the majority of the three weeks I was in Japan.  The scenery was just so beautiful that I felt connected to nature.”

Although the typhoon made it difficult to focus on the second half of the required filming in Japan, Hwanhee revealed that he spent some quality time to himself while waiting.  “The typhoon missed our island by just a bit so there weren’t any big problems.  Instead, there was nothing else to do during the downtime so I simply observed the scenery.  I’d go out in shorts and slippers and sleep with lizards and eat outside as well.”

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