Another episode of Batman, Robin, and Gorilla Girl Adventures! Join Aunnie, Caroline and Taleena as we talk about the things that really mattered to us (the Batcave, of course) in episode two of Hyde, Jekyll and I.

Taleena: We have seen the Batcave. Repeat. We have seen the Batcave!

Screenshot (1947).png

Aunnie: I’m just throwin’ this out there but . . . something tells me threatening Robin with the idea that he’ll be erased soon, doesn’t seem like a smart idea.

Caroline: I’ve always been a Batman person myself, but Robin is my new favorite dude. I thought it was funny that he seemed like some kind of acro-”bat” .. Get it? Totally Batman related! Hahahahahahaha (Laughing at my own joke lame).

Screenshot (1942).png

Taleena: Ha! Also I completely agree that telling your alter ego that you are going to destroy him once and for all is a bad move, I just was thrilled to bits that the Batcave is off of the Secret Garden room, and that he overrides the security feed at Wonderland to surveil everyone - just like Batman.

Aunnie: Was I the only one that got a weird thrill when the chauffeur all secret service on Robin and they approached him like a crazed citizen of Seoul. I was kind of hoping we’d see something dangerous from Robin. I did not expect the parkour.

Screenshot (1944).png

Taleena: I have a theory about why everyone is so nervous of Robin. (Side note: Dimples!) Here it goes: Robin is uber protective and I wonder if that protectiveness got SO insane that he attacked someone *cough Dad cough* who was being threatening.

Caroline: I love that theory Taleena!! That totally makes sense (Much like your flawless logic always does). I laughed at how Gorilla girl said “What did I just see?” because I felt that way almost the whole time when I was watching this episode. I already hate dad. But the chauffeur is cute .. Sure, he’s attacking our fluffy Robin, but he’s cute.

Aunnie: Speaking of cuties . . . I’m changing topics to a slight different cutie. I love Sung Joon and I love him in this episode. We didn’t get to see him for very long but the whole “We’re just going to talk and play strings” and then BAM you’re asleep and revealing all your secrets. Man . . . I’d pay to be hypnotized by him . . . just sayin’.

Screenshot (1949).png

Caroline: I KNOW RIGHT?! Sung Joon is totally my drama crush. He’s the one I want to call “Oppa” forever (^___^) hehe.

Taleena: So am I the only one that thought “Student is now the Master” was sketchy? He is totally on my suspect list. He’s too cute, mellow and innocuous to be a good guy. Right?

Aunnie: Nah, Firnlambe over at The King’s Face also suggested that he may be a nemesis in disguise but I’m hard pressed to look into that theory until I see him smile evilly or do something sketchy. For now, he’s just the hot doctor. I suspect he’ll turn out to be an interesting character, however, because aren’t all psychologists supposedly hiding their own troubled pasts?

Taleena: I just thinking that someone has the power to compel you to the, admittedly awesome, strains of Diana Krall’s cover of Fly Me to the Moon is unsettling. (Side Note: I have a really funny story about seeing Diana Krall in concert and some porta potties. One day...) If Student is the Master IS your garden variety SLS, then boy, is that guy /ever/ going to get the girl? He lost out on Lie To Me /and/ Gu Family Book.

Caroline: He got the girl in I Need Romance 3, and he was adorable there too. I think he’s a super actor, he’ll probably bring some awesome character action in this one too.

Aunnie: I’m kind of hoping, and I know it’s soon, he’ll end up with the other Circus Girl. I mean if he’s not off doing evil things like our resident Psycho in The King’s Face.

Taleena: I /want/ to believe he is good. Kind of. I /hope/ that he is good. Then again, I got a slightly sketchy vibe off Commissioner Gordon, erm. investigating officer, but then I decided I was making it up when he was comedically thrown by the whole “Rope? Rope.” conversation.

Screenshot (1951).png

Aunnie: I like that guy, one of the few likable characters from High School, Love On. Which brings me to another change in topic . . . I don’t understand the whole “You will stay here” (Beauty and the) Beast thing that Batman is trying to push onto Ms. Acrobat. There was no other way to keep her safe? Really?

Screenshot (1953).png

Taleena: Eh. help me out here Caroline, it is a convenient way to keep her close. He /did/ offer bodyguards. She /is/ the sole witness AND he is attempting to keep Robin from popping his dimpled self out by preemptively protecting her. Whoops! Too late!

Caroline: I kind of like that he takes her to the penthouse to keep her safe. No wait, I like that he’s trying to keep her safe without being Robin. The ice is melting.

Aunnie: And here I’m thinking he’s being a jerk. He couldn’t have said it nicer? (I guess it wouldn’t be a KDrama if he wasn’t Stone Cold Jackson before turning into Sweetheart of the Year), but whenever situations like that happen in Kdrama I just want to beg the Female Lead to sneak out and disobey “that direct order”. .

Taleena: They pull out a pixelated knife, you pull out a pixelated gun. They send a stalker, we send you to the luxurious penthouse suite. It’s the K Drama way. </SeanConneryVoice>

Caroline: But Aunnie, she didn’t stay. So she meets your expectations in that sense. I can’t wait to see what happens with those two. It seems they have that “I hate you until I love you” kind of relationship going for them.

Aunnie: I predict Batman hating her until he realizes she is totally into Robin and then things start to change.

Taleena: Slight subject change and a question. We can now safely say that Gorilla Girl is the whole reason that Robin was “born” right? We can also say that she will be the only one not completely terrified of Robin.

Aunnie: I’m not so sure about that? I think Robin was born out of not being able to rescue the other boy (who I think is his brother) but that his first “victim”/saved person was Gorilla Girl. I think . . . I don’t think we’re sure at the moment.

Taleena: You are talking about that whole kidnapping thing/flashback?

Caroline: Other boy? Wasn’t it a boy and a girl?

Screenshot (1954).png

Aunnie: I suppose it could have been. The creeper clown that I’m not going with as being Joker. The doctor was about to give away who he couldn’t save before she was interrupted so rudely by being bashed on the head and then Batman had the flashback.

Taleena: I thought that it was pretty apparent that he has saved GG a few times now. 1) Weird circus kidnapping (along with someone who didn’t make it. 2) Off the bridge, 3) From the giant falling disco ball (Side Note: If someone is fiddling with it at the top to get it to fall; why is the ring attaching the chain the one that breaks?) TWICE - once as a kid and once as an adult. 4) Off the hospital.

Aunnie: I agree that he’s saved her quite a few times, I’m just saying Robin didn’t appear specifically for her and the bridge. Which, by the way, what in the hell was she doing there in the first place? How did she even get there because the only theory I’ve got is she tried to kill herself and as soon as she let go of the ledge she thought “I have so much to live for!” And grabbed the edge. Only way that make sense.

Taleena: She was drugged? From crazy Joker gas?

Caroline: Guess we’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out … 

What do you think Drama Fans? How did Gorilla Girl end up on the ledge? Is our resident therapist the adorable cutie that we think he is, or is there something more to it? Let us know in the comments!


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