Photos of Girl's Day member and actress Hyeri posing with a gun were recently released by JTBC. The network behind the mystery series Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School let their cutie pie character Lee He Yee look like a Bond girl in the new stills. Hyeri portrays a wannabe actress who dreams of being the future queen of Cannes.

Despite the gun and her menacing stare, Hyeri is very chic in her wool pastel-colored mini dress suit. The star's cutesy bright-colored pom-poms are a strange accent to her ensemble in the tough girl photo shoot.

“Gunfire, loud enough to surprise all the viewers, will echo throughout the next episode. You will have to watch the show to figure out how Hyeri’s gun will be used in the actual scene,” the series representative said. 

The last episode of the Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School was about the detectives investigating a girl being bullied in their class. You can watch every episode of the exciting mystery crime series right here on DramaFever. 

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