When Girl's Day's Hyeri was first announced as the potential female lead in Answer Me 1988, Korean netizens exploded with criticisms about her acting abilities. After the first two episodes, however, audience members have been pleasantly surprised by her performance, and the idol-turned-actress responded to the unexpected praise.

According to a representative from Hyeri's agency, DreamT Entertainment, Hyeri had the following to say: "It hasn't fully hit me yet because it's only the beginning of the drama. I didn't think it would be like this." The representative went on to explain that Hyeri was worried about getting a lot of criticism from the audience, but her agency was pleased to see the positive response.

Audiences must have enjoyed her performance because the Korean ratings for episode 2 of Answer Me 1988 exceeded those of the first episode, breaking 7%. While that may not seem high compared to hits on the major networks, it's huge for cable. As a point of comparison, Oh My Ghostess was considered a success when the premiere broke 3% on the same network (tvN) in the same time slot earlier this year.

I have to admit that, while I didn't hate the idea of Hyeri's casting, I was among the skeptics for this role. After watching the first two episodes, however, I can see why the director was so adamant that it had to be her from the very beginning. It can be difficult for some idols to discard the pretty image while acting, but she's throwing herself into the role 100% and really capturing that feel of being the middle child in her portrayal of Deok Sun. 

What do you think of Hyeri's acting? Were you skeptical? Has she changed your mind? If you want to see how she does for yourself, check out the premiere of Answer Me 1988 below!