“AGH!!!!!! I QUIT!!!” Girl’s Day’s Hyeri rolled on the floor as she screamed in joy. She had just won big in lottery: 20,000,000 won (17,750 USD). Soon after the TV show aired though, her win turned out to be a prank!

Last night, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri’s win was the most popular news. Its credibility had been confirmed by Hyeri’s agency. Here, Hyeri scratches off her lottery ticket and quickly becomes overjoyed on Mnet’s New Yang Nam Show:

When Hyeri’s news circulated viral, people started wondering whether the lottery ticket was real. Only then the TV show clarified the prank and apologized for the confusion they have caused. Here is Lee Hye Ri screaming in anger when told she didn’t actually win:

When a host asked, “Hyeri, did you believe it?” Lee Hye Ri said, “I’ve done a prank where I tricked three people … I feel as if I got it back!”

It’s understandable to pull a prank on TV for fun, but it’s not cool to deceive the audience.

The New Yang Nam Show team can’t be punished by law because it didn’t have malicious motives to make money from the prank. Still, the government officials at the Lottery Commission will warn the TV show for using a fake lottery ticket.

“If more people started making fake lottery tickets for fun, it could lead to serious crimes,” Lottery Commission’s secretary Lee Ki Hoon said.

What would you do if you had won 20,000,000 won in lottery? Tell us below!


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