hyorin SISTAR's Hyorin admits to having undergone a minor tweaking on her face on the recent episode of KBS2's Start Family Show Mamamia's New Years special. Known for her cool personality, Hyorin appeared on the show with her mother and spoke frankly when people commented on the pictures of when she was younger. In the picture, Hyorin is seen wearing white overalls on top of a black, long-sleeved crew neck shirt. When they saw the photo, other guests commented on her eyes, saying, "Hyorin had smaller eyes when she was younger." Hyorin admitted confidently, "Yes. I had double-eyelid surgery." Hong Rok Gi, who had commented that Hyorin used to look like him, wrapped up the conversation by saying that it is the people with no eyelids that are actually the ones who are considered cute. What do you think of Hyorin's look? (Source: www.news.nate.com)