Hyosung-Yes-Lingerie-07-322x430 In January, SECRET's Hyosung took the reins from Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In, replacing her as the face (and body) of popular brand Yes. And it's a move that seems to have paid off, as the brand has seen sales skyrocket since introducing her as the brand's ambassador. Just how high? 40-50% higher than this year at the same time. The company continued on: "The products shown through the pictorials also sold six times more than other products and it seems like ‘best seller’ Hyosung will continue to contribute to the sales growth in underwear.” Hyosung-Yes-Lingerie-02-368x430   Hyosung-Yes-Lingerie-03-430x430 Do you prefer Hyosung or Ga In as their spokesmodel?