Hyde, Jekyll and I has a new name and photo!

The upcoming SBS series Jekyll and I is set to hit small screens next month. Yesterday, the very first photo of the main stars in action was released to the public

In the photo, Hyun Bin's cold Hyde personality is apparent as Han Ji Min excitedly pulls him along. The two seem to be taking a stroll during a chilly winter day. Hyun Bin's icy demeanor makes the temperature drop even more.

Jekyll and I is about a director of a theme park (Hyun Bin) with split personalities. His personalities are divided between being Koo Seo-Jin and Robin. Circus master and actress Jang Ha Na (Han) reorganizes her section of the theme park to avoid being terminated by the cold Seo Jin. Of course, the two fall in love as the story unfolds. The drama is directed by Jo Yeong-gwang  and written by Kim Jee-woon. It also stars Sung Joon, Kim Do Yun and Han Sang Jin.

What do you think about the first photo on two in character? Are you looking forward to watching this series? 

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