Hyun Bin and Ji Sung found themselves not only fighting for dominance against their alternate personalities but also against each other for ratings in South Korea last week.  

Kill Me Heal Me was the clear winner for first place, taking 9.9% of the ratings. That's up from the 9.6% it took the week before. Hyde, Jekyll and I came in second at 8.0%.  A drop from its 8.6% a week earlier. The King's Face came in 3rd with a rating of 7.8%. 

Why could Kill Me Heal Me be winning the ratings game?  It has been out a few weeks longer than Hyun Bin's drama.  Here are a few comments from netizens about the two dramas. 

"In Kill Me, Heal Me Ji Sung's main personality is a pleasant if timid one, while Hyun Bin's main personality in Hyde, Jekyll, and I is cold and unlikable. Ji Sung has proven chemistry with his co-star Hwang Jung Eum, which fans prefer over Hyun Bin's chemistry with Han Ji Min. Ji Sung's character has more personalities, which keeps the plot interesting. It's not always bad or good but sometimes he's silly. Even Ji Sung's bad guy personality, guyliner and all, is fairly likable and seems endearingly vulnerable."

When you’re in a love triangle with two versions of Hyun Bin, who do you choose? Find out in his comeback drama, Hyde, Jekyll, and I:

Hyde, Jekyll, and I is just getting going and only the fans will be able to determine who the ultimate winner will be. Which is your favorite?  And which personality do you like the best? 

I admit I like Perry.  He's just a big goofball.