Actor Hyun Bin recently held a fan signing event inside the mens' clothing store Rogatis (so many pics of him in suits!) looking dreamier than ever with a new long hair style! As the brand's official model, Hyun Bin showed up in a charcoal gray suit which was tailored perfectly to his lean body. The highlight was actually his amazingly shiny dark hair, which seemed to almost steal the spotlight away from the handsome actor himself!

His hair has officially entered the realm of “fairy tale prince-like locks” because obviously it meets all the requirements of what fairy tale hair is. Hyun Bin’s hair is bouncy with volume extending from the crown to the tip. Its layers blend perfectly, and it’s completely shiny and healthy looking. On top of all of that, his fairy tale hair is framing his gorgeous face. Not only does he have great jaw structure, but he also has dimples deep enough to hold puddles, and a superstar smile.

One hundred lucky fans not only got to see his fairy tale prince-like locks in person, but they probably brushed against them as they were all given hugs from oppa!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE