hyunbin After Hyun Bin was discharged from the military, several pictures like this one appeared: d6bded82dab043eddc409e9cfb464fde_59_20130124095007 This photo and others upset fans because of the clear aging on the face of the once-invincible flower boy from our favorite romantic comedy dramas. However, after the release of Hyun Bin's eerie teaser, the actor made an appearance at the Samsung SmartTV event, leaving the fans in complete and utter shock at his flawless, ageless, well-groomed appearance. Many fans commented that their eyes were healed as soon as they came across these pictures via Pann Nate. Take a look: hyunbin_2 hyunbin_3 hyunbin_4 hyunbin_5 What do you think? Is Hyun Bin back to his old self?