Hyun Bin will be celebrating his 31st birthday on September 25th, and he's inviting his fans to the party! It's still a little early to be talking about September birthdays, but this involves a huge party in Seoul, and the invitations need to go out. Luckily enough, the birthday boy has access to a camera and opted to record his birthday invitation instead of going the traditional paper route. hyunbin Now in case you're planning to fly to Seoul and go, you need to know the birthday party will be held on September 14th at Sejong University in the Daeyang Hall. Instead of bringing gifts, all you need to do is purchase a ticket August 2nd - August 9th for 120,000 won (about $108). Now the video below is subtitled in English and shows Hyun Bin oppa wearing a black shirt with his silky black hair half in his eyes. He didn't even shave so he looks all "ruggedly handsome" and he personally invites us to his party, and he even does a cute wave at the end that will make you blush! Ahh! It's an awesome video check it out! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (Source via mwave.interest.me)