Canned instant coffee is about to get a whole lot sweeter because Hyun Bin has signed on as the new face of Cantata, the instant coffee brand. In a statement Lotte Chilsung Drinks revealed, “We have recently signed on Hyun Bin as the new face of Cantata. After the drama ‘Secret Garden' ended and Hyun Bin voluntarily entered into the Marine Corps his popularity soared. We felt that he was our best model and we have been in frequent contact for quite some time. So far, Cantata has been signing the best actors such as So Ji Sub and Lee Min Ho, who are popular with the young demographic. Hyun Bin has finished his enlistment and has the image of a top male actor. Cantata will be writing a new ad story line with him.”  The ad will surface this February, so basically, we'll be taking a nap until then in preparation. How pumped are you for Hyun Bin as the new face of instant coffee?