Hyun Bin

Okay, so picture this! I'm sitting here watching Catfish, amazed as usual, when this tweet with an OkCupid link appears on my timeline. Now I'm thinking like, "Oh is this one of profiles we created the other day in the office?" I click on the link and NO, IT'S NOT! Some person from Queens, New York, created an OkCupid profile using Hyun Bin's photo! Granted it's a great picture of oppa, but seriously?! Like how do you even meet up with someone using his photo? Last time I checked no one looked like Hyun Bin, but luckily this catfish hasn't been online since August 2012. (-_-) Hyun Bin OkCupid

How it went down on Twitter.


If you came across a dating profile with one of your favorite actors used as dating bait, would you contact that catfish and call him/her out on their shady fishy ways? KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE